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I was tasked, along with my partner, to research and design a segment of CirrusMD's virtual health care platform. We conducted research and worked with the client to build this feature and comply with current health care guidelines. After conducting usability testing & user research we came to the conclusion that the functionality of switching to a dependent’s profile and talking to a doctor on their behalf was not currently very intuitive. We also found that there were many adjustments to make that would enable the app to be accessible to a wider demographic. Finally, we implemented an easy to use feedback platform so the user could directly communicate their experience with the app.  

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    CirrusMD is a telemedicine platform that allows users to communicate asynchronously with medical professionals. Currently, CirrusMd enables users to chat with a doctor only about issues that pertain to themselves, not family members or dependents. My partner and I were tasked with designing this feature of the iOS app.



      • Test early designs to see if successful and refine as needed.

      • Design a UX to introduce and promote the new functionality to existing users.

      • App must be fully ADA and HIPAA compliant.

      Proposed Solution

      • Direct users to actively select the user they are chatting on behalf of; minimize room for error.

      • Ensure profiles are easy to distinguish by leveraging ADA compliance best practices.

      • Create feedback loop through survey to continually learn about users’ experiences and needs.

      Accessibility :

      • Adjust color and contrast to be inclusive.

      • Implement Icons that can be better understood universally.

      • Improve profile avatar and switching functionality.



      User Research

      1. Past experiences with telemedicine vary greatly

      2. Reassurance about who user is talking to/how information is used is key

      3. Convenience is a key driver for telemedicine uptake


      Usability Testing

      1. Tendency is to go directly to channels of care, rather than switching profiles

      2. Usernames were confusing and unclear when users chatted on behalf of others

      3. Green status circle was perceived as part of the design, not a status indicator

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      Avatar Usability

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      2 - Avatar Opt 2.png
      3 - Avatar Opt 3.png
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      Accessible Design

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      Overlays + Modals

      Many users of this app will need all the help they can get with understanding how to contact a doctor for their dependent, but with prototyping we found that a minimal and direct approach is best. 

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      7 - Profile Switching Sketching and Iterations Copy 2.2.png


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      Home to encounter

      Consultation History

      Final Survey

      Final Thoughts

      Telemedicine is a challenging vertical to design for due to the multitude of rules and regulations one must follow. However, the most impactful part of this project was empathizing with users who are handicapped. Accessibility is a huge part of design that must be prioritized because all users' needs must be accounted for and met in the best way possible. 

      We presented our high fidelity mock-ups and solutions to the CirrusMD team who received it very well and discussed the possibility of implementing various aspects of our design into the app.

      Compliance Research

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      Compliance 2.png



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